Candace Charlton

Candace Charlton (1968, Natal South Africa) graduated at the Rhodes University Grahamstown and received the degree bachelor of Fine Art.
Content and Motivation.
"The focus of my work is on the female form, particularly the portrait. I am using this genre as a means of investigating the many faceted and ever changing elements of femininity".
"At the same time as preserving her mystique, I hope to derive a greater understanding of woman's inner life and to find a visual vocabulary through which this may be suggested".
"A certain degree of realism, combined with the abstract, can be seen in my work. Within this tension I try to create a personal and meaningful environment for the figures to live in".
"The transition between the traditional idea of reality and the unlimited realm of the imagination is of great importance to me. It is a joy to explore the vulnerable boundaries between these worlds".
"Oil paint is a wonderful medium because of its workability and richness in colour. As well as oils I like working with a combination of charcoal and pastel. Through the use of this mixed media I can create a sense of depth and softness, qualities which I strive for in my work. Oil paint is more demanding in time and energy, whereas pastel is more immediate. Working with both media suits me very well, because I can choose between them, depending on my mood".
"I often start my paintings very loosely and, gradually, create a richness by applying layers of colour and texture. Later in this proces I begin to define the subject. I do have a concept of what I want to paint and make preliminary drawings, but not directly onto the canvas. I prefer this method because it gives me a greater sense of possibility, with the opportunity of being surprised by the unexpected".


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