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Rachel Dieraert

Rachel Dieraert
Rachel Dieraert ( 1974 ) received her artist's training at the Arts Academy Minerva in the City of Groningen. She, specially and most intensivily, followed the courses given by Matthijs Röling, also after her studies at the Arts Academy. It was Matthijs Röling who had taught Rachel Dieraert to adjust colours with each other and to focus on the values of colour tones.
Besides Rachel Dieraert learned much from the sculptor and master of drawing Eddy Roos. Under his guidance, she managed to command to draw from moving models, as well as to recognize the essence of arabesques and of compositions within a drawing or a painting.
In 2002 and 2004, Rachel worked in close co-operation with four other artists on a series of wall paintings of a Buddhist Temple in Kathaluwa, Sri Lanka.
The human being and the human body are important sources of inspiration for Rachel Dieraert. She focusses in her work on colour and monumental form. The artist works most of all on the basis of observation, though not in its purely registrating or photografic ways.
She uses any realistic information as an immediate cause for compositions or colour dimensions, while in so doing she takes care to make abstractions of the real forms in order to enhance in this way the basis of the final composition.
For Rachel Dieraert, abstractions and composition are important parts to create a painting or drawing which may escape the figurative story.


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