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Jeroen Hermkens

Jeroen Hermkens, born in Sint Anthonis, Netherlands, in 1960, is an artist who cannot be bothered by whatsoever movement, or trend; he is going his own way.
At the Academy of Fine Arts in the City of Utrecht he showed much interest in lithography.
Also, due to a special term of probation in Paris he qualified himself as an absolute master in this subject of visible arts.
In countless coloured, as well as in black and white executed lithographs, he brings about city scenes, dynamics and the monumental dimensions of big old towns.
He gets his inspiration to accomplish this kind of work by travelling all over the world.
In the nineties of the past century, apart from being engaged with lithography he started working with oilpaint.
By working most productively and intensively outside, in the middle of nature, he succeeded to develop a most fascinating oeuvre, with this technique.
One may characterize his work more and more by a passionate, effective approach and by his very own scriptural and use of colouring, which radiates the pleasure of painting.
With surprising cogency , his work shows a continous diversity of streets, buildings, squares, industrial heritage plants; images, which may vary from some dreamy little houses situated close by a ferry - boat, to the cosmopolitan bustle of the seething metropolis cities of our world.


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