Hennie Van der Vegt

Hennie van de Vegt was born in 1953 in Dalfsen. He draws and paints as long as he can remember that himself.
I am a painter, just like somebody else is a musician, a football player or a cook. I am busy with it, all the time. But what is so important for me that I feel I should paint something again and again? Wat is my truth, where will I end if I go into it, how illimitable may Beauty be?
One cannot characterize Van der Vegt as an anatomically correct drawing artist who depicts every tiny fibre in a single way. However he is an artist who let us experience nature as large as life by his fantastic impressions.
The word impressions immediately recalls connations with impressionism. A number of his works does show indeed an opulence of colours similar to the later works by Monet. Also their sizes resemble those paintings.
On the other hand it is the format of Van der Vegts paintings which make them different, indeed.
The large blow up of subjects - such as he does in his flower paintings - does not fit in with traditional impressionism. It is more connected with other developments, notably of the contemporary art of painting.
At first sight his works seem to reflect pure simplicity, but appearances are deceptive as a matter of fact. Van der Vegt is laying his lifeblood in these works.


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