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Dick Aerts

Dick Aerts (1956, Haastrecht)
Dick Aerts was trained in Monumental Design at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht from 1977 until 1982. During that period he was specializing in figurative statuary art.
Since 1982 Aerts has primarily concentrated on creating bronze sculptures, in wich the human figure plays an important role. Man functions, in this frame work, as a way of expression of sentiments or thoughts, mostly executed in a baroque model.
The bronze figures created by Dick Aerts, however identifiable they are, do not originate from reality. They stem in fact from the world of imaginations of the sculptor himself.
Working with wax, identifiable images are created, which evoke a sort of archetypical recognition. Here we find mostly women, rulers on their thrones, monumentally perceived columns and sceptres, or terse statures. The flowing modelling, so typical for Aerts, discloses his agile method of working. He moves his hands through the material, in search of the utmost strong expression. Out of this proces, sculptures come into existence, where pieces of wax, gliding touches and sharply drawn lines,compose the materialized expression of feelings or thoughts. It will be surprising indeed for those who already are acquainted with the works of Dick Aerts, to discover how his statuary develops in ever growing freedom.
When we look at the smaller compo-sitions, the spatial scetches, we are struck by the specific richness of imagination of the sculptor. We are witnessing a variety of compositions, which call to be executed in far larger dimensions.


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